Become a true reho… hero in Typoman

Letter mixing platformer coming to Wii U

When it comes to heroes you can play as in indie puzzle platformers, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a hero as on the nose as the protagonist of Typoman. Our hero, a small character built out of the letters in the word hero, is dropped into a dark and unforgiving letter filled wasteland with nothing but words to help him progress. Yeah, I was intrigued by the concept.

The idea in Typoman is simple. drag, pick up and throw letters to build words. Words that are built will effect nearby interactable elements in the environment. Need a platform to rise? Find the letters to spell up. Need to pass under a crushing spike wall? Find the letters for stop or slow. Need to empty a pool of rain water? Swing the letter D until it hits the rain and causes it to drain. It’s a simple premise, but one that really worked in progress.

The game has a non verbal story told through physical interactions. Our heros search for his missing arm, a villainous antagonist who weilds malicious words as enemies, a dark forboding force and a sinister landscape. While I didn’t get to see much of the story, the character interactions I did see were both simple and memorable.

Typoman, a Wii U exclusive game, uses the touch screen on the Gamepad to allow fast rearranging of nearby letters into words. Not much else in the way of touch screen use, but it’s enough to keep the gameplay flowing quickly.

I really enjoyed what I saw of Typoman on the E3 show floor today. While the game isn’t going to be out until later this year, it’s well worth giving the game a look. There’s currently a free demo on the eShop, which gets you a discount on the full game when it releases if you give it a try.

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