Because Street Fighter/Sesame Street should be together

You may think that turning Sesame Street characters into Street Fighter characters doesn’t make much sense as you look over this collection of Sesame Street Fighter stickers, but for some reason it just works. Bert and Ernie as Ryu and Ken? Duh. Cookie Monster as E. Honda? Clearly. And Big Bird as Sagat? I think he’d totally agree with that.

Obviously these things are so random and obscure that they make a great gift for any five-year-old Street Fighter prodigy. We all know you’ve got a little brother or sister who has been kicking your ass at Super Street Fighter IV. Here’s your chance to show there’s no hard feelings that despite their younger age and inability to write clearly you’re OK with him/her kicking your ass every time you play the game.

Each sticker $2.41 and they’re about 4″ tall.

[Thanks, Matt C.]

Matthew Razak