Because nothing says console wars like a fast-talking aussie (update)

While cruising around the vast space of the interwebs, I was lucky enough to stumble upon sarcastic brilliance in its purest form. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and ears on Zero Punctuation: Console Rundown.

Anyone who knows me personally can vouch that I find the rantings of madmen (OK, they don’t even have to be mad) all too titillating. If you throw in super fast-talking and a foreign accent, I’m sure to take the bait. In the 80’s it was John Moschitta and those blasted Micro Machine commercials that had me glued to the TV during those Saturday morning cartoon marathons. Now it’s some crazy Australian guy on the Internet comparing the next “more like current” generation of consoles to one another. It’s fast, it’s somewhat true– and it’s funny.

If you can manage to disregard the glaring mistake where he talks about Zelda, Metroid, and Mario and then slaps up pictures of Master Chief and Sonic, you should at least find yourself somewhat amused as well by the words of the man who goes by the name of Yahtzee. He’s a genius, and he made me laugh at his video.

[Update: Well upon further review, I’m not sure how I missed the irony of the Master Chief/Sonic mixup. It does seem to be done purposely, and I can now appreciate the subtleties of this man’s wittiness more than before. Just goes to show that you can indeed “kid a kid.” Thanks to everyone that pointed that out in your responses.]

[Via The Escapist]