Because Australia: Target to stop selling GTA V down under

No big surprise here

Anyone that knows anything about the videogame scene in Australia is well aware that the land down under has strict content regulations and often times outright bans titles. Yet another videogame has been deemed unfit for the outback, at least by one retailer.

Target of Australia sent out a media release today stating that it would stop carrying Grand Theft Auto V. In the memo, Target GM of corporate affairs Jim Cooper stated that the decision was made on the heels of widespread concern from the community about the content of the game — specifically its depiction of violence toward women.

While Cooper acknowledged that there’s a contingent in support of its continued sale, he said that “the decision to stop selling GTA V is in line with the majority view of our customers.” Grand Theft Auto V seems to be an isolated case, as Target will continue to stock other movies and games rated for mature audiences.

Target Removes Grand Theft Auto V From Shelves [Target of Australia]

Brett Makedonski
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