Beautiful Katamari jilts PS3 at the altar, elopes with Wii

At the end of last month, we reported on a rumor that Beautiful Katamari would dump the PlayStation 3 and move over to the Wii. Those rumors have now been confirmed and Namco’s cult roll ’em up sequel is officially headed to both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Do you remember the show Animaniacs? Do you remember on that show, one of the characters was a skeleton who had terrible things happen to him constantly? Sony is that skeleton right now.

The idea of Katamari hitting the Wii was never a shocker and is sure to be an excellent addition to the console’s library, but I doubt Sony is as happy as Nintendo right now. As per the original rumor, Namco has cited programming issues as the reason why the PS3 is getting left out in the cold. Presumeably, all that Blu-ray was too much for one little Katamari to handle. Given Sony’s awful run of luck lately, news like this has become less and less of a surprise and at this rate, anything that can go wrong for the poor company is going wrong. Hopefully in ten years, if the PS3 completes its marathon as Sony claims, this calamitous era will be but a footnote. Right now, however, it still sucks to be Sony. It really, really sucks. 

Jim Sterling