Beautiful Katamari demo available on XBL

Many of you that woke up this morning and checked your Xbox 360 to see if that BioShock demo ever finished downloading may have noticed a nice suprise: the demo for Beautiful Katamari is now available. This thing went up so fast that there’s even a typo (‘itssize’ is missing a space) in the download description.

North Americans can nab this 432mb demo this morning, provided that their “Active Downloads” list isn’t still backed up and that they have enough hard drive space left.

The Prince returns in high-definition (720p), rolling up all he can to avoid the ire of his slightly abusive father. This title still has a few months before release, so roll on over to your Xbox 360 and download it now.

[Ed’s note: Man, my Xbox 360 was breaking a sweat during ‘background downloading’ of BioShock yesterday… while it was off! How sad is that? I hope it doesn’t blow up before I can play these games.]

Dale North