Beam LittleBigPlanet PSP to your pocket starting today

As a PlayStation Portable owner, the most exciting news surrounding the PSPgo was the plan to have most games release on PlayStation Network day-and-date with their UMD brethren. Stores? Hah, it’s nearly 2010. We don’t need silly stores anymore. Plus, carrying around those discs is no fun. No fun at all.

As with quite a few things related to the PSPgo, this turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. The first major issue for me wasn’t until Half-Minute Hero‘s late digital arrival. I don’t know how many of you were desperately awaiting LittleBigPlanet, but surely someone was upset by the delayed PSN version.

It’s more annoying than it is anything else. We want to give you money for your hard work! That’s all. Allow us this opportunity in a timely fashion, please. Okay. You’ve endured enough ranting for one night. PSPgo owners and lovers of digital games can get LBP on PSP as of today.

Likewise, there will be a demo, too. Which is good, since I’m not entirely sold on this scaled down version of LBP just yet. Also, a patch — one of those happened. It’s ready right now, and aims to improve how some of the “physics and tools in the Create mode” perform.

Jordan Devore
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