Be very afraid: Saw game announced

Back in June, we told you about Brash Entertainment’s plans to take on the niche market of movie-based games, and how they had secured the necessary licensing needed to bring favorites such as Saw to the game screen.

IGN was lucky enough to attend the recent press event hosted by Brash, where they watched a short teaser trailer for Saw: The Game, that featured none other than the Jigsaw puppet himself, with a stern warning for those in attendance: game journalists are wasting their lives in industry.

Other than the somewhere in the vicinity of a October 2009 release date, further details about the game were scant at best, but we do know that it will stay true to the plotlines of the movies. While I’m not sure about the meaning behind Jigsaw’s warning (are journalists going to be tormented in the game?), I am hedging all bets that the ESRB is going to be keeping close tabs on this one. 

As we’ve all seen, games tend to draw closer scrutiny than their movie counterparts. Will Saw suffer the same fate as Manhunt, or will Brash tone it down enough to make everyone happy? Let’s just hope the game doesn’t end up neutered as a result.  Do you want to play a game?

[Via Eurogamer