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First to Greatness

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Sony has rolled out a neat little website for an event it’s calling First to Greatness. There are 64 challenges in total from games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Warframe, Knack, and Contrast — whoever finishes any one of them first will be memorialized. To participate, you’ll need to capture the moment using the DualShock 4’s Share button, upload it to Facebook, and then sign into the First to Greatness site using your Facebook account.

Some of these “firsts” will make it into a remake of the Perfect Day TV spot and there’s also supposed to be something new on the site once all 64 challenges have been completed.

Even if you’re late to the party here, you can still participate. As much as I’ve lost interest in going after most achievements outside of the occasional few that are inherently rewarding or interesting, this is a neat idea. Talk about a cool way to energize PS4 owners.

First to Greatness: 64 PS4 Challenges to Test Your Mettle [PlayStation Blog]

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