Be the boss and kill all the heroes in Nefarious

Big Boss Man

Maybe the most traditional video game trope is “You are the hero, you have to thwart evil.” It’s a well-tread angle, and one that’s still plenty popular. Nefarious flips all that on its head.

In Nefarious, you are the bad guy and you’re the one who’s out to kidnap the princesses. Then when the hero comes to save the day, you’re the guy in the giant robot suit who seems invincible. This story seems like it’ll have a different ending than what we’re used to. The past is told by those who win, my darling.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Nefarious. Steven wrote about it in 2014 when it was in the middle off an eventually-successful Kickstarter campaign. The reason it’s back in our sites is because it’s releasing soon. Nefarious launches January 23 on Steam. We’re keeping an eye on Nefarious and its reverse boss fights.

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