Be the a-holes who delay my flights with Air Traffic Chaos for the DS

As Editor-in-Chief of, I travel quite a bit. I spend a lot of time taking off my shoes, and putting them back on quickly in the “airport security dance.” I also spend a lot of time sitting on airport runways, waiting for traffic control to clear takeoff, getting me home to my family hours (sometimes days) later than expected. It’s really great, and you should be rather envious.

Perhaps Majesco’s Air Traffic Chaos for the Nintendo DS will allow me to be sympathetic with the schmucks who keep me grounded in the name of “safety.” Hmph! Air Traffic Chaos will use the touch screen to safely manage takeoffs, gates assignments and landings for over 14 different airlines. Weather conditions will vary, so you’ll have to stay on your toes in order to earn the game’s 16 different merit badges, from “Veteran ATC” to “ATC Legend.”

The game will also support high score sharing for up to seven friends, as well as the Rumble Pack that you accidentally traded in to GameStop along with Metroid Prime Pinball. Air Traffic Chaos is scheduled to hit the Nintendo DS this summer.

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