Be sure to watch Summer Games Done Quick this weekend

A week of live speedruns starts Sunday

Brett and I have gotten way into Games Done Quick. Seeing people excel at beating video games as quickly as possible is such a blast, especially when it’s happening live. The next event, Summer Games Done Quick, begins on Sunday, July 26 and will continue through Saturday, August 1.

The marathon will be streamed live on Twitch and donations benefit Doctors Without Borders. If there’s a specific game or player you’re interested in following, hit up the full schedule. Otherwise, we’ll undoubtedly post some of our favorite moments once they’re archived on YouTube.

After that incredible I Wanna Be The Boshy run at this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick, I am definitely setting aside time to catch another ultra-hard platformer, Wings of Vi, on Friday, July 31.

Schedule [Games Done Quick]

Jordan Devore
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