Be a giant pineapple and make squirrels do your bidding: Eco Creatures FTW!

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If there’s one thing I love, it’s a preachy message about healing Mother Earth thinly disguised as childrens’ entertainment. From Fern Gully to Captain Planet, those eco-friendly lefties have implanted their communist propaganda into us from birth, and that trend is set to continue with Eco Creatures: Save the Forest on Nintendo DS.

Placing you in the role of a bipedal sentient pineapple, the aim of Eco Creatures is to lead a horde of violent squirrels and beavers into battle against evil tar pits. You have no idea how wide I’m grinning as I type this stuff. The game plays like a cute RTS as you fight those EVIL CORPORATIONS and their polluting ways, with three classes of animal to choose from (squirrel, beaver and flying squirrel) that can evolve into different species to create a total of sixteen available allies for your army of ecological purity.

Games Radar has the skinny on this stupidly amusing new game:

Gameplay itself is split. There are roughly 40 battle missions in which you’ll lead as many as three armies of 30 critters each into real-time battles, sending them to grab mana, rearrange the battlefield, or just stomp on the faces of your foes. Between battles, you’ll spend time nurturing your creatures – for instance, a certain critter requested some quality time with us, so we went for a walk. On the way, we encountered a strange creature, and when asked what to do about it, chose to dance in order to reassure it. It decided to bust a groove right along with us and joined our army.

Admit it … you want it. You need it.

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