Bayonetta strikes quite the pose in this sculpture

Our intrepid toy hunting friends over at Tomopop dug up this little Bayonetta number from a posting on 2chan. It’s sexy sauce. This garage kit (I say like I know what that means) is 1/6 scale and most likely being done by sculpture Jigoku no Inu from Cerberus Project. It should be showing up at this year’s Wonder Festival in Japan next week where I’m sure it will be oggled non-stop.

I must say that this is my favorite Bayonetta figure that I’ve seen. Previous versions didn’t quite capture her as well, and I love that the pose is just so ridiculously over the top. Some of the commenters over at Tomo aren’t really digging the pose, but it seems really unique to me. What say you, Destructoid? Rather have your Bayonetta with less leg spreading action?

New Bayonetta garage kit emerges [Tomopop]

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