Bayonetta demo coming October 8 (and I’ll come too)

Bayonetta (the game I want to be inside), will be delivering a demo to the eager masses (and the eager mass in my pants) on October 8 (sexual intercourse). So far, the demo date has been announced on Japanese blog Andria Sang, but we’re pretty sure it’ll hit the US and Europe around same date, if not a few days after. We’re double checking, just to be definite. Either way, it’s nothing a quick Japanese account won’t fix.

Interestingly, the Xbox 360 and PS3 demos will be different. Both demos will include a tutorial and The Angel’s Metropolis stage. The 360 demo, however, will get a second stage, Falling Clock Tower, thrown into the bargain. It really seems that PS3 owners have been getting the short end of the stick ever since this game had been developed. 

Doesn’t matter to me, though. Not committing yourself to simply one console is so awesome, is it not?

Jim Sterling