Bayonetta breaks one million sales

Ladies and gentlemen, the incomprehensible has happened — Platinum Games has released a … a … a popular game! 

Bayonetta has sold over one million copies. 1,100,000, to be exact, officially making the Sega-published sex romp a success. Platinum Games is known for making great games that don’t sell, so this is pretty fantastic news. Considering a lot of this studio worked on Okami, it’s as close to justice as we may get. 

Bayonetta was not Sega’s most popular third quarter game. No, that honor goes to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Because Bayonetta‘s success instills one with a little faith in humanity, the Mario & Sonic success exists to remind us not to have too much faith. 

Football Manager 2010 was third with 740,000 sales, followed by Phantasy Star Portable with 540,000. So, generally a good year for Sega. With Aliens vs. Predator and Sonic 4 coming this year, here’s hoping Sega manages to pull it off again. 

I also think it’s interesting to note that Platinum found its success after giving up on the Wii and putting its games on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Really, a studio like Platinum should have been doing this from the start.

Bayonetta breaks a million units sold [Siliconera] 

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