Bayonetta art competition ranges from erotic to horrific

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I don’t read a lot of comics, so I’d never heard of Wizard (a comics magazine) until today. But anytime someone hosts a Bayonetta art competition with results like whatever the hell is going on up there, I sit up and pay attention. I mean, seriously, what the f*ck. Vagina dentata, indeed.

Salvador Samano’s entry won the 10th runner ip position in Wizard‘s “Bayonetta Re-envisioned” competition and it’s by far the most arresting. The entries were judged by Platinum Games boss Hideki Kamiya, who preferred Niccolo Balce’s brightly colored version (the first image in the gallery below) to Samano’s (appropriately) hellish and demonic vision: Balce won first place.

All 11 pieces, from winner to 10th runner up, are in the gallery in descending order. Here’s a list of the artists: Balce, Darren Geers, Jamine Tyndall, Jason Meek, Jessie Lam, Levi Somerville, Eric Huang, Feliciano Mario Mora, Jesse Elliott, Autumn Lorne, and Samano.

While I might quibble with Kamiya’s defintion of “re-envision”—most of the entries seem to mimic Bayonetta‘s original style with very few actual changes—I’m certainly not going to scoff at a chance to a.) call attention to one of the most brazenly over-the-top and openly sexualized games of recent memory or b.) post gratuitous pictures of cartoon cleavage.

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