Battlezone’s rogue-lite co-op combat is worth another look on Switch

The Nintendo Switch port launches November 8

One of my favorite multiplayer memories in recent years was strapping on a PlayStation VR headset and surviving Battlezone (2016) with strangers. We tested each other’s patience when arguing about which levels to enter (the “rogue-lite” map is procedural and grows more difficult the longer you play), which tank upgrades to specialize in, and which roles each of us should take in the final battle, but we pulled through. It can be nerve-wracking and too tough at times, but it’s so so satisfying when you win.

While I still think Battlezone is best played in virtual reality if you can swing it, Rebellion has since come out with a VR-optional version called Battlezone Gold Edition. It launched several months ago for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and soon it’ll be available on Nintendo Switch courtesy of TickTock Games.

The Switch version comes out November 8 with “cockpit motion controls, support for both online and wireless local co-op play, and ALL the content ever released for the game including bobbleheads, tank skins, and the retro-infused Classic Mode.” Specifically, Battlezone Gold Edition supports up to four players and it’s drop-in, drop-out co-op for your convenience. Thirty bucks isn’t bad at all.

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