Battletoads & Double Dragon is getting a NES re-release

battletoads double dragon nes reprint retro bit

Double Trouble, Double Trouble, Double Double, Trouble Trouble…

Publisher Retro-Bit Gaming has lifted the lid on its recent Battletoads teaser to reveal that it is partnering with several retailers to produce a full NES reprint of Battletoads & Double Dragon.

Released to multiple platforms way back in 1993, the Rare-developed beat-’em-up saw the scaly team of Rash, Pimple, and Zitz team up with Double Dragon heroes Billy and Jimmy Lee to thwart another dastardly scheme from the voluptuous Dark Queen. The quintet of heroes jets off toward the ominous spaceship Colossos on a fist-flinging adventure set in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Much like the previous Battletoads releases, Battletoads & Double Dragon features non-stop face-smashing action, as well as a slightly more forgiving difficulty setting. Villains from both series put in an appearance, and the title sports a roster of five distinct characters, loaded for bear with body-breaking strikes, throws, and specials. I mean, it’s not Streets of Rage 2, but it was a fun time for NES fans.

Retro-Bit Gaming’s new edition of Battletoads & Double Dragon includes a fully-working NES cart in an exclusive transparent jade casing. The cart is housed in a hardcover box and comes with a full-color instruction manual as well as an acrylic stand with which owners can display the cartridge in all of its 8-bit glory. Battletoads & Double Dragon retails for $59.99 USD, not including shipping.

Pre-orders for the new NES cart are now live over at selected North American and European outlets, simply visit the official Retro-Bit Gaming website and follow the path to your retailer of choice. The pre-order window will close on May 22, 2022, so be sure to get your name on the list before this date.

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