Battlefront II’s next focus is huge battles for solo players

Instant Action is back

Nearly two full years after it first launched, EA DICE is still working on Star Wars Battlefront II. Heading into the fall, the developer gave us some idea of what to expect in the coming months.

The headliner is the addition of Instant Action mode. This mode is configured for single-player mayhem, essentially mimicking the large-scale multiplayer battles but with AI enemies instead of other real-life players. It’s a way for everyone to see the grandiose spectacle that Battlefront II promises, but without the pressure of actual multiplayer competition. Instant Action will be implemented as part of the September update.

The other most notable inclusions also arrive in September. Four-player cooperative play is being added to the Clone War-era maps. That’s a way for small groups of comrades to tackle objective-based PvE. Also, a new map, Felucia, is being introduced.

Looking a bit further into the future, there’s a special event taking place sometime between October and December. Then, excitingly, some sort of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker content is in the works; that will release in December, presumably alongside the movie.

The Latest Star Wars Battlefront II Roadmap [EA]

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