Battlefield V gets a last-minute one month delay

Now slated for November 20

You know how sometimes betas are glorified demos and sparingly betas? Well it looks like EA is treating the Battlefield V beta as a genuine article.

Just today EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield V will be delayed one month with a new launch date of November 20, 2018. DICE cites the “tens of thousands of players” for the change, who have played in various builds spanning the alphas, E3, and Gamescom. They further state that they have taken the “increased focus on squad play” suggestion to heart, and are revamping weapon handling, player friction, soldier visibility, and gameplay tempo. DICE says that these changes will be in effect during the open beta period that starts on September 6.

With Ubisoft taking breaks every other year with Assassin’s Creed and major studios delaying big games like this instead of rushing them out the door, we’ve entered a new era of accountability. The PC version of Assassin’s Creed Unity and the Xbox edition of Battlefield 4 really were a call to arms for the publishers, and as long as they get it right this delay for BFV is just fine.

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