Battlefield Heroes is still in beta, now accepting more participants

Whoa whoa whoa — hold on a second. This game isn’t out yet?

Apparently not, although you could have fooled me. In the mean time, the free-to-play Battlefield Heroes is going through another beta phase and is currently asking for more players to sign up.

You can sign up for the beta right here, but be warned that it’s kind of a pain if you don’t already have an EA Account. Keys will be emailed to those who were on the waiting list for the first phase, and then eventually to everyone else.

Take note that if you were in on one of the previous tests, you needn’t register again; you are automatically signed up for this phase. If you happen to fall under this category, what’s the word on Battlefield Heroes? Yay or nay?

[Via Shacknews]

Jordan Devore
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