Battlefield Heroes finally comes out of beta

Pigs apparently can fly after all. DICE’s microtransaction-supported, free-to-play Battlefield Heroes silently launched today after being in beta for what, five years? Alright, so it wasn’t really that long, but it’s been a significant amount of time.

Upon hitting up the game’s Web site, I noticed there’s now the option to purchase Battlefield Heroes‘ currency, Battlefunds, with actual money, and you can even use PayPal. For those not in the know, players can essentially buy stuff that will change their hero’s appearance (among other things), such as goofy outfits and the like.

Despite being an easy target for looking similar to Team Fortress 2, it’s not a bad game at all. In fact, I would recommend it for those in need of a decent summer time waster on the cheap.

[via Shacknews]

Jordan Devore
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