Battlefield Hardline’s new add-on trailer has shades of Hotline Miami

Our first look at Criminal Activity

EA and Visceral would want you to watch this new Battlefield Hardline trailer and take away the broader details of the upcoming Criminal Activity DLC. But, that’s near impossible when there are guys with guns wearing animal masks. It invites all sorts of comparisons to Hotline Miami, especially when the smart money says they’re probably going to go murder a bunch of people.

Once (if) you get past that, there are four new multiplayer maps waiting to be explored. Code Blue, The Beat, Black Friday, and Backwoods are the locales, wanton violence is still the objective.

The specifics of Criminal Activity are mostly under wraps for now. There’s no date or price for the add-on just yet. However, Premium subscribers (basically season pass owners) will get this as the first piece of content they paid for up-front, and they get it two weeks early. While this is the only one with the namesake, you can feel safe betting that all four add-ons will feature a heavy dose of criminal activity.

Brett Makedonski
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