Battlefield found a way to infiltrate EA Sports’ PGA Tour

Well, that was unexpected

Golf has a reputation for being a stuffy game played by uptight, proper folks. After spending some time with Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour, we can safely say that the majority of it lives up to those expectations. However, there’s also a slice of the title that revels in explosions and action.

PGA Tour has a series of fantasy courses that turn golf more into a wide-eyed spectacle than a yawn-inducing affair. The most noteworthy of the ones that we were shown was a Battlefield-themed course made up of 18 par three holes. It makes sure to include many of the franchise mainstays that fans would hope to see. Golfing on an aircraft carrier is something that happens almost immediately. By hole number three, a ship crashes into the pre-set terrain.

But, for as over-the-top as Battlefield can be, PGA Tour adds little touches to really sell the idea. Golfing with explosions is fun, but an avatar swinging clubs in full camo gear nicely contributes to this crossover. Hand grenades serving as tee box markers add exponentially.

It’s not all silly, though. Another fantasy course takes place at the Grand Canyon. The setting is fantastic, but the wandering buffalo and jackalopes are a cause for concern — especially when your ball’s lying near them. Fortunately, nothing seems interested in actually harming your golfer.

Speaking with a PGA Tour representative, the publisher has plans to tie more EA franchises into the game. Coyly, the spokesperson said that the Battlefield course will be the only one that’s available at launch. It’s a fair bet that more courses themed after EA series will make their way into PGA Tour via paid DLC.

For the time being, Battlefield is the only addition players will initially see. It might not be what we expected, but maybe EA needed to add a bit of irreverence to liven up its leading golf title. And, when you want to get back traditional golf, PGA Tour certainly has that in spades — it’s just sans explosions.


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