Battlefield: Bad Company video goes for massive lulz, falls a little short

The above video for EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company may have gotten a few chuckles from me, but this is the Internet — a place where people are accustomed to laughing so hard that their asses literally fall off.

If this clip seems at all familiar to you, perhaps you saw Valve’s “meet the (insert Team Fortress 2 class here)” installment of videos from a while back. They are incredibly similar to one another in theory, but if you’ve witnessed the two videos for yourself, you can easily see who the victor is.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t watch it anyway though. To EA’s credit, it’s an admirable shot at revealing a character from Battlefield: BC. Whoever came up with the idea of slapping a smiley face onto a grenade deserves a huge Christmas bonus.

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