Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta begins on Nov. 19 for PS3

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a big-name first-person shooter get a beta. Filling the void of free online mayhem will be none other than Battlefield: Bad Company 2, with its multiplayer beta set for November 17 exclusively on PlayStation 3.

The beta contains one map, Arica Harbor, a mode called Rush, and supports 24 players. Throw in playable vehicles, and it’s starting to sound like a party. Invites can be obtained from the PlayStation Blog, IGN, GameSpot, and by pre-ordering Bad Company 2 at undisclosed retailers (GameStop, probably).

Once we reach December, the beta opens up to PC. And finally, “early next year,” a demo will be coming to the aforementioned platforms plus the Xbox 360. Hamza will have a preview of Bad Company 2 going up tomorrow, so you’ll know what to expect before the 17th.

Oh, and a special thanks goes out to Brad for getting this trailer up using his muscles.

Jordan Devore
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