Battlefield 3 details are sounding good so far

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DICE senior gameplay designer Alan Kertz has been talking up a storm on Twitter about Battlefield 3. The floodgates have opened, and fan-submitted questions are all over the place. Thankfully, TechSpotLight has gathered up some of the better tidbits. Take a look.

  • Prone and spotting are in
  • Dolphin diving is out
  • PC version can handle 64-player matches; consoles are restricted to 24 players
  • The bullet drop system is being revamped
  • No more tracer darts

Those are simply the highlights. Kertz has covered quite a bit — a surprising amount of information that was new to me, actually — but that’s no guarantee you haven’t heard or seen bits and pieces of it before. Is it wrong to be this excited for a game we know so little about? If so, I don’t want to be right.

New Battlefield 3 Details [TechSpotLight]

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