Battlefield 1’s Winter Update brings ribbons and higher level caps

I missed ribbons

Aside from They Shall Not Pass, an upcoming Battlefield 1 expansion, DICE has also been toiling away on the game’s Winter Update. I don’t like seeing the “W” word this time of year — no more snow, please! — but I do like the sound of higher rank caps for the various classes and the return of ribbons.

Under the new update, out today, you’ll have more incentive to keep playing the same old stuff. You can take your class ranks from the current cap of 10 all the way up to 50, and every 10 rankings will net you a Battlepack. Additionally, ribbons will award bonus XP and “promote good teamplay and playing the objective,” something that is always worth reinforcing, and there’s a 25,000 XP reward for getting 500 kills with any (or all!) of the eight primary weapons.

DICE is also adding map voting for rent-a-server players and the ability for admins to kick or ban players on their server right through the in-game UI.

Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks abound in the full patch notes, including my personal favorite line, “Improved cavalry victim experience,” which is an amusing way of saying that you shouldn’t be killed by saber-wielding cavalry from “multiple meters away.” I usually just run and hide!

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