Battlefield 1’s campaign sure looks shiny

Band of bros.

Battlefield 1 has a campaign…I guess. I’ve never been one to associate the Battlefield series with single-player, even with Bad Company being eight years old. To me, the series has excelled at multiplayer; the basic concept is just so rife with possibilities for online combat. The player count has also been a big plus.

EA and DICE are determined to make gamers embrace a campaign mode in Battlefield and have released a video of pure gameplay footage. Sure, there are some cinematics and a few cutaways, but this is pretty much gameplay and nothing else.

I do have to admit, from a graphical standpoint, this game is unbelievable. It reminds me of the Killzone 2 demo that Sony kept insisting was real. I’m not sure I dig the minimalist HUD, but maybe that is something longtime fans would better acclimate to. The last game I seriously played in the series was Battlefield 1943.

STORM OF STEEL! – Battlefield 1 – 12 Minutes of Single Player Gameplay [YouTube]

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