Battlefield 1 has the most-liked trailer ever in the shadow of Infinite Warfare failure

The Great War prevails

Hot off the heels of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare having the fifth most disliked trailer ever (!), EA’s Battlefield 1 is basking in the sunlight of a great reception. 

Evidently, Battlefield 1 is killing it with over a million likes on YouTube, which catapults it into the top 200 most-liked videos arena, taking the top trailer spot of all-time. The list isn’t updated, but the current “like” rating of 1.18 million places it roughly in the #188 spot. Nearly everything before it is a song or music video.

I don’t know quite why people turned on Infinite Warfare so quickly. The launch trailer is bad for sure, but not that bad. Maybe people will never forget Ghosts? Or after fans realized they couldn’t get the COD4 remake separately they clapped back?

Either way, while likes online don’t necessarily translate into sales, it’s not looking great for Activision’s flagship franchise so far.

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Chris Carter
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