Battleborn’s 27th hero Pendles releases on August 4

July 28 for season pass holders

It has been almost two months since the release of Alani, the Eldrid healer and 26th Battleborn hero. The small community of people still invested in Gearbox’s FPS/MOBA have spent a lot of that time wondering “When are we going to get Pendles?” The answer is: soon.

Those with the season pass will get the Rogue stealth character in one week on July 28, with a hero key available to unlock him immediately. Pendles will be available for the general public a week after that on August 4, but like Alani he will be locked behind a 47,500 credit wall. It’s technically possible to earn enough to do that just by playing, but it’s a substantial total, so it would be wise to save up, even though the Lootpocalypse‘s discounted loot packs are currently in effect.

In addition to the news about the next hero, a new set of summer-themed skins will be releasing, including a Super Soaker-themed Montana, a hula dancer Ambra, and a balloon animal Aurox. These are premium, so expect to pony up real life money in order to show off some summer skin.

Darren Nakamura
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