Battleborn is insanely cheap in this week’s Humble Bundle

Less than three months after launch, too

Much ado has been made about Battleborn‘s fledgling player count, a statistic that’s especially worrying given that the game launched less than three months ago. That number’s bound to increase now, all thanks to a particularly fantastic Humble Bundle.

Games by 2K are the star of this week’s Humble Bundle, and Battleborn is the newest of the wares. It’s sitting in the $15 category, a 75 percent discount over the $60 asking price on Steam right now. That’s pretty cheap.

But, it’s not even that much. Spending $15 gets access to Battleborn, but it also nets you all the other games in the sale right now. It comes with the entire $1 tier (The Darkness II, Spec Ops: The Line, and Duke Nukem Forever), the “pay more than the average tier” which is $6.89 at time of writing (Civilization V, NBA 2K16, and Mafia II), and the other game in the $15 tier (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel).

Really, this reeks of a last-gasp effort on 2K’s part. It’s clear that no one’s buying Battleborn. Maybe the publisher can make a few extra bucks on it while it’s still somewhat relevant. After that, don’t be surprised if we see Battleborn go the way of Evolve on PC.

Humble 2K Bundle 2 [Humble]

Brett Makedonski
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