Battleborn getting double XP this weekend, first DLC character next week

Meet Alani

Every week, Gearbox writes up a Battleborn Battleplan, detailing what to expect in terms of updates, hotfixes, and downloadable content for the hobby-grade meta-growth choice shooter. This week there are a couple of interesting tidbits. Starting tomorrow and running through next Wednesday, all experience earned will be doubled. Getting to character rank 15 won’t be quite so much of a grind.

More importantly, the first downloadable character was announced. Alani hails from the Eldrid faction, and from her description it sounds like she fills a part-support-part-attacker role, like a more aggressive Miko. Those who bought a season pass, the Digital Deluxe Edition, or played in the PS4 beta will have access to her beginning May 24, with everybody else getting the opportunity to try her out on May 31. The people who get her early can unlock her immediately; others will have to spend 47,500 in-game credits to start playing as her.

That’s not an insignificant amount of credits, but it’s not insurmountable either. I’d estimate I make a few thousand credits for each story mission, which take about a half hour apiece. She’s technically free for those willing to put in the time and grind out the credits, but those with less patience will probably be pushed toward spending the extra real life cash.

Darren Nakamura
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