Battleborn deserves to be game of the year

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It’s the last episode of 2016, so of course we looked back on the year and talked about our favorite games. The three-man Podtoid crew has some differing opinions, but we eventually came to the consensus that Battleborn is our game of the year. Yes, the commercially stunted game that Destructoid awarded a solid six out of ten in its review. Why does Battleborn deserve to be game of the year? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear one man’s terrible explanation of it.

Otherwise, we talked about some current games like Steep and Shadow Tactics, did the last SATPOTPAQ for 2016 (or ever?), and engaged with a Hot Dish focused on the Xbox 360 (because this is Episode 360, get it?). The Hot Dish might have been too high concept. That is code for “poorly written.”

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Note that this post is not an official Destructoid Game of the Year award.

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