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Battle Chef Brigade studio is back with space-faring, card-battling Battle Suit Aces

See ya, space cowboy.

Battle Chef Brigade remains one of my highlights of 2017, an absolutely stacked year for games. Developer Trinket Studios has been quiet in the years since, putting out a Deluxe edition but otherwise keeping cards close to the chest until this last weekend, when it revealed the team’s next project: Battle Suit Aces.

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Shown off during a few of the weekend’s summer showcases, Battle Suit Aces is a card-battling RPG where you recruit Battle Suit pilots and square off in mecha combat. Along the way, you develop relationships and build up your team, flying your way through space adventures along the way.

Out of the frying pan, into the stars

In a press statement, Trinket elaborated on what the studio has been up to in the years since Battle Chef Brigade. A card battler was the original idea, and the game went through several iterations, but then the pandemic hit.

“We spent the stay-at-home years embedded remotely in a larger indie team and left in 2022 itching to get back to what would become Battle Suit Aces,” said Trinket. “This time, however, we knew we had to build on the recipe that led us to create BCB. We lead with vibrant and charming characters and pair with a mélange of approachable gameplay systems from multiple genres.”

From what we’ve seen so far, the art and style from Battle Chef Brigade certainly carried over well, and I’m really into mecha card battling. Trinket is also working with Outersloth, Among Us studio Innersloth’s publishing fund, to let the project see the light of day.

No date’s been set yet, though you can find the Steam page for Battle Suit Aces here. But suffice to say, I’m interested in anything Trinket does next. Hopefully we’ll see some more of Battle Suit Aces soon.

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