Batman: Return to Arkham is out today, here’s what it looks like

Some footage for you

Batman: Return to Arkham, the PS4 and Xbox One remaster of Asylum and City is out, and I got my hands on the former. Although I replayed every game in the series in the past year or so, I was still keen on checking these out — City especially, as it’s still one of my favorites.

And while I’m not overly impressed, I haven’t noticed any major issues thus far. Everything isn’t wholly different from the PC edition, but performance-wise there is a jump from the PS3 and Xbox 360. You can really notice a lot of the extra particle effects and lighting (which you can see for yourself in the below video), which add a decent amount of atmosphere during the many Predator stealth playgrounds.

Return‘s framerate isn’t consistently perfect, but I haven’t noticed any major drops — it’s all slight at worst. They haven’t fixed some of the jankiness of the animations, especially for enemy AI in the original, but nothing has crashed or is otherwise completely broken (yet), which is a step up from some of WB’s recent re-release efforts. I guess the delay did them some good! As a side note if you’re going digital, they are two separate downloads (just like BioShock Remastered).

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