Batman DLC packs dated, one possibly detailed

It appears as though the great mystery behind what the hell the Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC will contain has been solved. In a recent post about the DLC, blog PlayStation Lifestyle mentions that two content packs are coming. One being dubbed the “Insane Night DLC Pack,” the other, the “Prey in the Darkness DLC Pack.”

The Insane Night DLC Pack is of particular interest here, specifically because it may — and we stress that word because we’ve yet to receive official word — consist of “Dem Bone’s Scarecrow Challenge Map Packs,” and “Crime Alley Challenge Maps.” These two individual bits composing the whole of the Insane Night DLC Pack were given out as pre-order bonuses.

On the other hand, the Prey in the Darkness DLC Pack is unknown, and could even be a PS3 exclusive just like the Joker content.

Both these bits of DLC were confirmed as a PS3 release by the official Euro PlayStation blog. Insane Night is set to hit on September 17, while the Prey in the Darkness pack will be downloadable on September 24th.

While we do think the above is pretty solid considering the pegging of the names of the DLC as well as the release dates, we still advise you to take the information with care. There’s a possibility Eidos may actually announce this stuff.

[via VG247]

Brad BradNicholson