Batman: Arkham Knight: No loading, trophies leaked, New Game+

69, nice!

Batman: Arkham Knight director Sefton Hill explained in this developer diary that the new Arkham will have “No loading screens as you play through the whole game.”

“You can play from the start of the game to the end of the game and you won’t see any loading screens. That’s all a really big important thing for us.”

There’s also talk of Batmobile gadgets (an EMP, a drone hacker) and New Game Plus. The latter unlocks after the game and let’s you carry experience and unlocked gadgets through. “You can do some of the challenges from earlier on in the game but with a whole new suite of gadgets you never had the first time or the upgrades,” Hill explained. “And any Riddler trophies that you’ve found are shared on both playthroughs.”

There’s also the trophy/achievement list, if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s 69 of ’em. Nice.

Steven Hansen