BatGirl revealed in LEGO Batman

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Traveller’s Tales has released new screenshots from LEGO Batman today, showing off BatGirl. Little Barbara Gordon is looking pretty good, just like the rest of the cast we’ve seen so far.

In terms of her function in the game, it has been revealed that she can use all of Batman’s equipment. Nothing too exciting there. I realize that there isn’t anything all that special about BatGirl as compared to most of the characters in the mythos, but I’d still hope they could come up with even the most minor difference for her. Then again, putting her in a wheelchair probably wouldn’t make for compelling gameplay.

Check out the gallery to see some screenshots of the little lady in action. Interesting to note that half consist of her being chased by police officers and I can’t help but imagine some horrific gang rape scenario if they caught her. Daddy would be pissed.

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