Bastion’s coming to Xbox One, but it’s more than just backward compatibility

But it’s just as free as backward compatibility

Games from the Xbox 360 library making their way to Xbox One isn’t anything new at this point. Microsoft announced a backward compatibility program between the two platforms at E3 2015, and hundreds of titles have taken advantage of it since then. Bastion‘s soon coming to Xbox One but it’s more advanced than backward compatibility.

Supergiant Games revealed today that it’ll release a “faithful new adaption” of Bastion on Xbox One. According to the developer, the game was “re-built to feel native to the platform.” Some changes include running at full 1080p, new Achievements, and the inclusion of the Stranger’s Dream add-on.

While this is a beefed-up version of Bastion, legacy owner won’t have to pay extra if they act quickly. The Xbox One adaption releases on December 12, and those who own the game on Xbox 360 can get this new one for free if they download it before January 1. For those looking to buy it for the first time, it’ll run $14.99 on Xbox One. [The kid marks the date on his calendar. He’s the thrifty type, always looking to save a buck or two when he can. You gotta be or else this world will eat you right up, Calamity or no Calamity.]

Bastion: Coming Soon to Xbox One! [Supergiant Games]

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