Baroque art book coming in March, asexual angels abound within

Baroque may be the first Wii game that sparks my interest deeply enough to power on my Wii and play for more than twenty minutes at a time, and for the console that rules the fine art of casual gaming, that’s saying something. The game’s art design alone has been enough to make any mention of it rise above the pack, and an art book is something which I would quite willingly fork over my yen for.

The book goes on sale in Japan on March 13th and weighs in at 40 pages, although no price has been confirmed yet. Play-Asia should have it for sale as soon as it pops up, so keep an eye there if you crave a new tome for the art & anime shelf. As an aside, the translated Famitsu page about the book is titled “The world of time before the large heat wave to be expressed.” Wow, I better get ready.

[Via Famitsu — thanks, Adam]

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