Banjo Kazooie composer plans on releasing a ‘full remix album,’ but you can listen to a few songs now

Grunty Returns and Mad Monster Mansion

Grant Kirkhope is a legend. We know this. Having worked in the industry for nearly three decades, Kirkhope is responsible for scoring or performing a few of your childhood classics, including Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark. Now, the master is back to revisit the former with a few spooky remixes.

“Just in time for Halloween,” Kirkhope has tweeted out a link to his “Grunty Returns” remix, a take on the track from the original game. He also reminded us that he has a similarly themed Mad Monster Mansion remix available, dubbed “Mad Monster Mansion Rides Again.” These aren’t just one-offs though. Kirkhope notes that there is “more to come.”

Exactly when will that happen? Well that’s the bad news: it’s all pretty vague right now in terms of a timeline. The good news is that they have confirmed on Twitter that they are “going to release a remix album of music from [Banjo Kazooie],” they just aren’t sure if they’ll “get to it all.”

Although we don’t exactly have a new Banjo game on the horizon (that we know of), the character did get plenty of attention when he was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 2019. There’s hope! Either way, plenty of folks like Kirkhope will keep this classic alive.

Grant Kirkhope [Twitter]

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