Bang! Howdy

If you’re like me and are really consumed with the desire to be one of three personas (ninja, outlaw Howdy! Ya’ll seem to be gentlemen of the first water so I’m writing yah. I noticed the good ol’ robot don’t have any scuttlebutt on my type of affairs. And in case ya’ll was wondering, that would be cowboy video games.Now you can be a big bug, chiseler or a curly wolf it sure don’t matter cause everybody’s got to work like a team. Thats what makes tactical strategy so darn good. As long as you ain’t riding around on no crowbait, you should have plenty of fun with this soon to be blockbuster. Alrighty, well its time for me to wind up and bid ya’ll a good night.Wild BillVisit the Bang! Howdy site for more information.I’m just hoping the game is going to cause a trend for spaghetti westerns that will be as hot as a whorehouse on nickel night.