Bandai Namco might be trying a Nintendo Direct format of their own

‘Bandai Namco Next’

Internet sleuths are at it again, and it seems as if Bandai Namco has trademarked a peculiar phrase.

“Bandai Namco Next” was recently approved, and evidently applies to “amusement parks, esports competitions, movies, toys, plays, musical performances, radio programs, computer networks, online publications, animated feature films, and games,” according to TheGamer. Given that their prior Bandai Namco event was kind of a bust (consistently mostly of stuff we’ve already seen, very late at night in the US), I hope they bring it.

So if there is a direct, there’s a lot of things they could go for in terms of gaming. The next Dark Pictures Anthology game could use a boost through a presentation like this, for example. We could also get a look at Digimon Survive, Tales of Arise, Scarlet Nexus, and Elden Ring.

The latter has been rumored to get an update for some time now, and this could be the way to do it: on Bandai Namco’s own terms.

Bandai Namco Next [WIPO via TheGamer]

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