Bandai Namco is celebrating Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary with an attempted banger of a theme song

I didn’t expect any of this (is…is that a Devo reference?)

Pac-Man was released back in 1980, which makes May 2020 the 40th anniversary.

It’s incredible just how far this little yellow puck has come, eating his way through gaming history to become arguably the most iconic character in the gaming-sphere to date (along with Mario, but Pac-Man’s parent company says that it has “90% recognition around the world”). Bandai Namco knows that the Pac is still in demand, which is why they’ve remade, remastered and re-released all sorts of Pac-Man packages these past four decades, on top of things like cartoon deals, merchandise and a whole lot more. 

To ring in the 40th next year the publisher is opting for a celebration of sorts, which will happen throughout the entire next year and kicks off with this theme song: “Join The Pac” by Ken Ishii,  a song smartly devoid of lyrics to ensure that no one embarrasses themselves. There’s no game news or anything in the clip, just as a warning: it’s literally a music video.

Bandi Namco will update the official Pac-Man website with more news as it comes, and we’ll relay the important, non-t-shirt partnership stuff to you when it does.

Chris Carter
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