Bandai Namco introduces Soulcalibur fans to Geralt

He’s a Witcher, a fighter, a midnight toker

Two weeks ago we learned that Geralt of Rivia of The Witcher fame was coming to the highly anticipated Soulcalibur VI as another one of their now almost expected crossover characters.

The introduction trailer showed off just a few of his moves but in a video released today by Bandai Namco, the developers of Soulcalibur VI stressed how hard they were trying to accurately portray Geralt while still making him fit into the fighting gameplay.

I’m really excited for this crossover character as I’d love to wipe the bitter memories of the Star Wars crossovers from Soulcalibur IV from my mind, but I do have my concerns about a character that can use magic and bombs. Soulcalibur tends to be broken by characters who have range, so when a character has magic or ranged weapons built in I get a little worried.

Does anyone else lose sleep at night thinking about the poke fests that came from Kilik’s extra long staff in Soulcalibur II? Nope, just me? Well, regardless I am overly excited about a new Soulcalibur game coming out this year and can’t wait to get my ass kicked by a Geralt main!

Anthony Marzano
Contributor for Dtoid and news editor of Flixist. Lover of all things strategic and independent.