Bandai Namco confirms Dark Souls III pre-order bonuses, Dark Souls backward compatibility

First game coming to Xbox One ‘later’

After all of the pulled listings and news reports, Bandai Namco has finally confirmed the pre-order details for Dark Souls III in the US. On Xbox One, if you pre-order you’ll net the original Dark Souls for Xbox 360 now, and “later” on Xbox One whenever that backward compatibility switch is flipped.

On PS4, you’ll get a free digital soundtrack and an “exclusive” pre-order theme. The soundtrack will be available on April 12. On Steam, you’ll get a digital version of the soundtrack as well. If you already own the first two Dark Souls titles, you’ll net a $5 discount on your pre-order. Hey, it’s something I guess. There’s also the Deluxe Edition on sale for $85 for all three versions, which provides access to the Season Pass.

This is one of the few games that I’m all-in with this year. With its track record and the fact that my hands-on time with it was good, I’m expecting great things from Dark Souls III.

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