Ban this sick filth!: Sega ad is hilariously sexual

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Most of Sega’s 16-bit-era advertising either a.) touted its blast processing power or b.) shamelessly ripped on Nintendo in a nasty smear campaign. Everyone remembers the classic “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” phrase, and I think that slogan is particularly applicable for this ad, too: Nintendo isn’t unnecessarily sexual.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what kind of message Sega is trying to send here. I mean, I understand the pun, but shouldn’t games get easier as you play them more often? Of course, that little dose of common sense doesn’t quite fit into the joystick-boner metaphor they’ve got going.

Here’s the text from the ad:

You sit there, eyes glued to the writhing, arcade-quality graphics, pulling and squeezing your knob. Now you’re breathing heavily over the digital stereo sound. Now you’re shooting all over the place, but it’s no use … “GAME OVER.”

Joystick £34.99

16-bit Megadrive with Altered Beast game £149.99

Altered Beast, indeed.

[Via NeoGAF and GoNintendo. Thanks, Nihon!]

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