Bad Dudes: Metroid 25th anniversary album is out today

Maybe Nintendo doesn’t care about Metroid‘s 25th anniversary, but I know some bad dudes who do. You may remember the Bad Dudes from their amazing CHRONOTORIOUS album. Or maybe you know them best for their entire album dedicated to Sagat’s theme from Street Fighter II. Well, this extremely tough and talented group of arrangers (which includes our very own Dale North) is back, this time with a fitting tribute to the Metroid franchise.

Having listened to the entire album, I’ll say it’s some great stuff (you can check out my review here), but to give you some highlights: there’s Kraid, there’s Ridley, there’s Mother Brain, and yes, there’s even some spore-spawn mini-boss action from Super Metroid. From rock to hip hop to jazz fusion, these are great arrangements worthy of any fan’s attention. The physical album is now on sale in limited quantities (only 1,000 printed), so get on it!

Are you a fan of past Bad Dudes releases, and are you at all surprised that Nintendo has largely ignored this momentous occasion in the history of the Metroid franchise?

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